Doing It Right First Time: Hiring An Electrician

As part of our ‘doing it right first time’ series, we give the lowdown on how to hire the best electrician for the job.

When the lights flicker or worse still, fail, it is tempting to break out the screwdriver and attempt to fix it yourself.

But this is one time when we would seriously advise that the homeowner – even the DIY savvy one – does not attempt to do it themselves.

Faulty electrics in your home (or, indeed anywhere) are one time when you really should call the professionals.

It should really go without saying that electricity can be dangerous, fatal even. And electricians train for a long time, in order to be fully qualified enough to carry out their job safely and competently.

Whether it is a new home that needs rewiring or you are thinking of changing the lighting in the bathroom, it needs a qualified electrician to sort it out.

So here is how to hire the right person for the job, first time.


Firstly, an electrician should be licensed. You need to do your homework and check what the local requirements are in your town or state for electricians.

A bona fide electrician will have passed exams into electrical theory, as well as sat a test on the subject of your state’s building codes.

Additionally, they will have studied and trained for at least 4000 hours – something most homeowners have not!

Ask to see all the relevant qualifications and check their license.

Remember, a business license is not the same as an electrician’s license. You need to see evidence of both.


Electricians, like any other contractor who comes to work in your home, need to be properly insured.

Anything could happen when they work on your property. You need to check what their insurance is and that it is adequate to cover the job you want them to do.


Don’t even think about taking on an electrician – or any contractor – without checking out their references.

A genuine contractor should be happy to provide a reference or contact details of a previous client, for you to check.


Following up your contractor’s references can help with the next thing; asking how long they have been in business for.

The longer they have been working as an electrician for, the more confident you can be about the quality of the job they will do.

Still remember to check their references, though!

Follow these basic tips and hire the right professional for the job!