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High field MRI

Mid-Michigan MRI’s newest 3 Tesla Unit at Sparrow Hospital is the most advanced MRI system currently in clinical operation in Michigan, offering high definition joint and brain imaging.

Wide Bore MRI

Our high-field strength 1.5 Tesla MRI located at Sparrow Hospital has an extra large, ultra short, “Wide Bore” high field scanning environment. This scanner is ideal for claustrophobic and large sized patients, with no weight limit on the scanner bed. Because the magnet is so compact, many patients are partially out of the scanner during their exam. This unit provides superb image quality as well as patient comfort.

Open MRI

Mid-Michigan MRI provides open MRI services at the MSU Clinical Center. This is another valuable service for patients who may be extremely claustrophobic or too large for a high-field MRI unit. Open MRI technology is open on either side of the patient, allowing for more space and visibility. The open MRI provides diagnostic services similar to normal MRI services. While procedures done on the open MRI take slightly longer to complete than standard MRI, it offers MRI technology to patients who would not have been able to use it. Patients must have a physician referral to use open MRI services. Open MRI technology is covered as standard MRI treatment under most types of health insurance.

Mobile MRI

Recently upgraded to the most advanced technology available, Mid-Michigan MRI's mobile MRI service provides services at Clinton Memorial Hospital on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. MRI service is provided at Ionia County Memorial Hospital on Wednesday and Saturday.


Mid-Michigan MRI offers PET/CT scans at Sparrow Hospital. PET/CT scan is a non-invasive procedure that provides unique information about the body's metabolism, cell function, and exact location of a disease - information not available through CT or MRI alone. The majority of PET/CT scans are performed for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. A PET/CT scan helps the physician distinguish between living and dead tissue or between benign and malignant disorders. A PET/CT scan can also show the extent of disease. A PET scan images the entire body in a single examination, and aids the physician in detecting if cancer has spread to other parts of the body. PET/CT scans are also useful to help physicians monitor the treatment of disease and investigate suspected recurrence of cancer, revealing tumors that might otherwise be obscured by scar tissue resulting from surgery and radiation therapy.

About Us

  • Founded in 1991, Mid-Michigan MRI is a non-profit, 50/50 joint venture of Sparrow Hospital and Michigan State University. We are committed to providing the highest quality medical imaging to the people of mid-Michigan.
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